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Beauty Blog

  1. New Year New Hair Trends

    December 31

    We all want to be up-to-date with the latest trends, whether they be for clothes, make-up, or hair. Sometimes, we want to try a new 'do in the new... More

  2. Lower Calf Exercises to Slim and Tone

    December 30

    Calf Raises Stand with feet together or shoulder width apart. Slowly raise to the balls of your feet, pulse once. Lower back down gently! DO... More

  3. Longer Lashes With Latisse

    December 30

    Longer Lashes with Latisse Ever wanted longer lashes? Have you tried all kinds of different "lash growing" concoctions that you've seen on Youtube... More

  4. Dysport and Glabella Lines

    December 17

    If you pinch or "furrow" your brow, do you see two faint lines? Maybe you see two deep lines if you're a little older. The area between your two... More

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