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Healthy New Year Eating

Posted December 31, 2016 at 12:45 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

Keeping new years resolutions are never easy, especially when they come to food… well at least for me. This year I plan to forge steadily with my plan, not by following some crazy diet or working out like a maniac; by making small changes that will help me stay on track.


  1. Healthy gut= happy you. Taking a daily probiotic keeps your belly happy, and bloat away. If you aren’t into taking daily pills you can try kombucha, kefir, or an all natural unprocessed greek yogurt. Make sure the yogurt has LIVE cultures and LOW sugar.
  2. Cut-out unnecessary sugar. I don’t mean every little gram of sugar, just cut back. Soda lover? Try drinking soda water, find a flavor you love and stick with it. If you just have to have sweet coffee, try an agave substitute instead.
  3. Meal prep, what more can I say. It cuts out that “I want fast food” feeling because you already have something ready in case hunger strikes. You don’t have to go out to lunch at work, or get something gross from the cafeteria- all 5 days are ready to go. You might think it will be repetitive by the time Friday gets here. Try marinating your meats in two different marinades for a switch up.
  4. Veggies for breakfast is a super boost. Try adding a veggie to that breakfast- yes everyone loves avocado toast and it’s all “health is good, health is happy” but your body doesn’t need an avocado every day. If you make a salad the night before for dinner, make enough for leftovers to have with breakfast. Delicious!
  5. An apple a day keeps the Dr. away, well at least two apples a day might! Try to eat at least two pieces of fruit a day (no they don’t have to be apples). If you love kiwi, eat kiwi- if you love citrus fruits go for it!
  6. See which fruits and veggies actually benefit you. Did you know corn has absolutely no nutritional value? Yeah, corn may taste good, trust me I LOVE corn- however it really doesn’t do anything for your body. Try to consume foods that help you stay healthy!

See, not that bad right? You aren’t starving yourself, or drinking juices instead of solids, your simply changing a few things about your diet. You will ultimately feel much happier, and your body will thank you!

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