About Re Cosmedical

At Re Cosmedical you benefit from procedures performed in a relaxing, spa-like environment.


Each guest undergoes a detailed evaluation which allows us to create customized treatment plans based on each guest’s individual needs. Each treatment includes an aromatherapy journey to provide relaxation and rejuvenation.

Re Cosmedical combines clinical medicine with luxury.  You benefit from medical aesthetic procedures performed in a relaxing, spa-like environment.  The treatments, products, and attention you receive are scientifically oriented. Professional medical aestheticians and Physician Assistants are trained to customize a program just for you. Your regimen will combine spa treatments and  technologically advanced products. The final effect is a subtly improved and naturally enhanced appearance. Let us enhance your natural beauty with a more youthful, relaxed, radiant and glowing complexion.

Re Salon gives their customers THE BEST…of everything! The service, the attitudes of the stylists, the surroundings and the overwhelming feeling that everyone cares about you! It is first class and actually quite addictive! – anonymous

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